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Get skin care tips for your job interview

by timetospa June 29, 2012
Get skin care tips for your job interview

There are few things as stressful in life as a job interview. Even if you've done everything right - researched the company, practiced your responses and even taken your best dress to the dry cleaners - you can still be a ball of nerves by the time your interview rolls in. That stress can have a negative effect on more than just your mindset. It can also cause havoc for your complexion.

Get rid of stress and bad skin in one fell swoop with a skin care product like Elemis Skin Buff. Featuring an enticing blend of phytoplankton as well as a fragrant mix of laurel, hops and chamomile, this exhilarating scrub can melt away dead cells and bring new life to your dull epidermis.

Still not feeling confident enough to step into that office and wow your future boss? If you have fatigued-looking eyes, get a quick pick-me-up from Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask, which can perk up the sensitive areas around your eyes and lend your face a radiant energy that will help you land the job of your dreams. 


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