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Increase your metabolism with yoga

by timetospa June 29, 2012
Increase your metabolism with yoga

Yoga can be a soothing way to set your body and mind in an even rhythm. It can also be an excellent way to burn through those burgers you indulged in during the family barbecue. With a few of these great moves, you can harness yoga's limitless power and channel it toward your weight loss goals.

Twisted chair pose. To help boost your circulation and the function of your digestive organs, Shape Magazine recommends starting with this move. With your knees bent and your hips jutting back, bring your hands to rest over your chest. From this movement, you should try to bring your right elbow to your left knee, and hold this for up to 45 seconds before releasing and repeating the same motion on your opposite side.

Down dog split. After you've mastered the twisted chair pose, segway into this fantastic fat-burning position. To begin, place your hands and feet firmly on the ground and push your hips up. Try to keep your legs straight and then slowly, lift your left leg up and back. Tap into this move's full potential by keeping your left foot flexed, then reverse to the opposite leg.

After you leave the gym, try a product like Elemis Body Sculpting Firming Cream. When applied after your workout, this remarkable product can diminish the appearance of cellulite and leave skin feeling tight and supple. 


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