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Help hair bounce back from damage

by timetospa June 30, 2012
Help hair bounce back from damage

It's been curled, flat-ironed and left out in the sun for hours on end, but still your hair keeps coming back for more. All the damage that you inflict on your hair will eventually come back to haunt you in the form of brittle strands and frizz, but with a few of these key steps you can show your hair how sorry you really are and make steps toward repairing your fractured relationship.

1. Say goodbye to the flat iron. If you're serious about treating your mane well, you'll need to avoid the things you probably love most, like your flat iron. While sprays that can protect against thermal damage certainly make it easier for you to continue with these bad habits that you love, flat-ironing brings intense heat that strip your strands of the vital moisture that they need. For a better option, try hair products like a leave-in conditioner that you can apply in the morning and use throughout the day.

2. Send it to rehab. Does your hair still seem like a ghost of its former self? Revive lifeless strands with a product like Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair. Rich in sunflower seed and camellia oil, Rehab is like a miracle jack-of-all-trades treatment for your strands that can help control frizz, boost body, seal color and repair split ends. Of all the things you put your hair through, this treatment will undoubtedly be the best. 


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