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Lift your sagging bustline with Elemis

by timetospa July 3, 2012
Lift your sagging bustline with Elemis

Has the sagging skin on your bustline caused you enough heartache to last a lifetime? As women age, flesh can begin to lose its elasticity, leaving it unable to defend itself against the strong pull of gravity. However, with a few of these anti aging skincare tips, you can regain the look of firmness around your chest area.

With a product like Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust, you can diminish sagging by up to 33 percent and restore skin's taut feel and elasticity. Containing a rejuvenating blend of milk protein, collagen-boosting padina pavonica and other all-natural ingredients like samphire and propolis, you'll have noticeably younger skin in no time.

In addition to Elemis skincare, you can also tighten your bust with exercises designed specifically to treat your chest area. After warming up, lay flat on the ground with a 5 pounds or less weight on either hand and move your leg outward. Livestrong.com recommends bending your elbows and keeping them perpendicular to your body as you curl each weight inward and close to your arms. After several sets of lifts, drooping skin will be a thing of the past.

Body posture can also affect a sagging bustline. If your shoulders curl in, try consciously pulling them upright and straightening your back. You'll see a marked improvement in your appearance sooner than you think. 


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