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Lemons: The beauty secret you've been missing

by timetospa July 5, 2012
Lemons: The beauty secret you've been missing

Looking for an energizing and all-natural answer to your beauty problems? If you have dry skin or discolorations in your complexion and nails, your solution is simple - try lemons. Containing alpha hydroxy acids which can refresh your flesh by leaving it brighter and cleaner, lemons are nature's response to a range of common beauty quandaries.

1. Dry skin. Are there areas in your skin that are worn, cracked and so dry you dare not show them off? Lemons can fix that. Simply cut a lemon in half and blend it against your coarsest areas. This fruit can slough away dead skin for noticeably softer skin.

2. Stained nails. Have you noticed a tinge of yellow in your nails? You can run away from this problem with nail polish, or you can solve it outright with just a glass of lemon juice. Soak your yellowed nails to restore them to their pearly white color. Lemon juice can also help minimize the appearance of dark spots and blemishes on your complexion.

For a beauty product brimming with citrus, consider CND Citrus Soothing Creme. Featuring an invigorating blend of grape seed and jojoba oil, this hand cream can help make hands smooth and lend parched areas a more supple appearance. 


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