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How should you store your makeup?

by timetospa July 11, 2012
How should you store your makeup?

Some beauty products, like mineral foundation or a super-moisturizing lip gloss, are part of your daily ritual. Yet there are others, like your lime green nail polish, that just aren't featured heavily in the rotation. Consider a few of these tips to maintain organization and order among your cosmetic ranks.

1. Store in a cool place. Heat can cause products to melt and degrade. To ensure that your products don't become affected by summer spikes in temperature, store your cold creams in the fridge and your lipsticks and mascaras in an equally cool place out of direct sunlight.

2. Fall cleaning. This fall is the perfect time to rid yourself of any cosmetics you haven't used regularly. A good rule of thumb, according to Allure Magazine, is to toss mascara and foundations after three months, while gloss and lipstick should go after one year.

3. Color code. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but coordinating your cosmetics based on color can help streamline your routine and allow you to find everything with ease. For example, be sure to place that bottle of CND Super Shiney Top Coat, with its versatile ability to lock in color and seal nails with an unbeatable shine, in front of your other polishes. 


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