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Three ways to maximize your skin care products

by timetospa July 12, 2012
Three ways to maximize your skin care products

When it comes to applying skin care products, how effective are your methods? Creams featuring high-quality ingredients can make your complexion softer and more radiant, but without the right techniques, you may not be reaping all the benefits these beauty products have to offer. Bring out the best in your products with a few of these helpful tips.

1. Apply when skin is damp. If you've been applying skin care beauty products while your body's dry, it's time to switch it up! Damp flesh can retain moisture longer, helping you achieve that young, ultra-supple look you so desire.

2. Wash with lukewarm water. Did you know that lukewarm water can help creams and cleansers penetrate more deeply into pores? When you wash your face using tepid water, your temperature increases and your pores dilate, which can be great if you want to get a deeper clean.

3. Use a night cream. Similar to lukewarm water, skin can be more absorbent overnight because of increases in temperature, which can cause pores to expand. Take advantage of this with a night cream like Elemis Maximum Replenish Night Cream. Formulated with a mix of exotic oils, lotus flower and prickly pear extracts, this potent cream is sure to leave your complexion feeling replenished. Elemis also supports cell regeneration, helping make the best of your beauty rest. 


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