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Revive tired-looking eyes with Elemis

by timetospa July 12, 2012
Revive tired-looking eyes with Elemis

Do you work from home and often spend hours hunched over in a chair while gazing at a computer screen? If so, your eyes may be in rough shape. While the digital devices that we depend on have simplified many daily tasks, they can have a negative effect, leading to puffy, red and tired-looking peepers. Want to revitalize your eyes? Consider a few of these tips.

To improve your eyes, you should explore new habits that will support their long-term health. Women's Health Magazine recommends a 20-20-20 rule, meaning that for every 20 minutes you spend at a computer, you should look away from your screen for 20 seconds and direct your attention to an object that is 20 feet away. This quick exercise is a fast way to preserve your sight and minimize the risk of future problems such as nearsightedness and blurry vision.

For eyes that are carrying extra baggage, you'll need a powerful skin care product. With an ultra-soothing beauty product like Elemis Eyes-Awake Recovery Gel you can restore your peepers to their natural brilliance. Featuring a therapeutic blend of German chamomile, blue cornflower and mallow which will help treat dry skin, this vivifying gel can gently reduce puffy bags under your eyes for a more youthful appearance. 


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