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Is pressed powder better for your skin?

by timetospa July 17, 2012
Is pressed powder better for your skin?

During the summertime, your foundation can become a real mess. As the temperature rises, your brow can thicken with sweat, causing your beauty products to slowly melt on your face. Luckily for you, there's a great solution - it's called pressed powder.

What's so great about pressed powder? "Pressed powder is perfect for quickly absorbing any oil along the T-zone and is convenient because you can take it with you without the messiness of loose powder," celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine told Styleist.com.

In addition to helping deflect shine away from the T-zone, which consists of your forehead, nose, upper lip and chin, pressed powders offer a silky matte finish that can glide on to your skin with grace and ease. The minerals in pressed powder can keep your complexion looking radiant and full of life, which is exactly what you need if you want to impress at your next social event.

For a pressed powder that won't feel heavy on your skin, consider a product like Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation. Available in multifaceted pigments that can give your face dimension and shine, this weightless powder is sure to leave your face glowing throughout the day. 


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