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How should your guy approach skincare?

by timetospa July 18, 2012
How should your guy approach skincare?

Most guys don't set much store by skin care beauty products or regimens. But if your boyfriend or husband has sensitive skin prone to breakouts and inflammation, he may benefit from a routine that helps rid his pores of harmful dirt and bacteria. Help him achieve a softer, more refined complexion with a few of these tips.

Your guy may tease you affectionately for the time you spend exfoliating your face, but the fact is, he ought to be there with you! Dead skin cells can accumulate on the surface of his skin as readily as they do on your own, making his face look dull and tired.

With a product like Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash, he can slough away surface impurities and even prevent ingrown hairs from forming. Featuring a revitalizing blend of peppermint, oak bark and spearmint in a milk protein base, this cleanser is sure to leave him feeling confident and refreshed.

Exfoliation isn't the only thing that should command his attention. A creamy moisturizer can help replenish his flesh after a day of being exposed to nature's harshest elements. He may project a tough exterior when it comes to grooming, but you know his inner soft side. If he ever feels unsure about how to find the right skin care product, you can always pull from your years of experience to help him in his selection. 


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