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How should you treat a sunburn?

by timetospa July 19, 2012
How should you treat a sunburn?

Summer may be winding down, but if you love the smell of salt water and the sound of waves crashing against the shore line, you're probably heading to the beach as often as you can. While this can make your weekends more exciting, if you forgot to bring along sunscreen products like Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Rock and Roller Ball Sunscreen, you're likely sporting a nasty sunburn. With a few of these tips, you can restore your damaged skin to health in time for your next beach trip.

With your skin raw and inflamed, all you probably want to do is nestle up against your pillow and go to sleep. Once you get home, be sure to take aspirin to reduce pain, swelling and redness along the sun-scorched areas of your body. It's important that you hydrate yourself, so drink as many glasses of water as you can before settling down for some much-deserved rest.

While unconventional, yogurt is another great way to treat your burn. Many varieties of plain yogurt contain probiotics that can help replenish your skin. Cosmopolitan Magazine recommends applying this to your sunburn for five to 10 minutes, then wiping it off and applying aloe. If you do this three times during your first day of sunburn, you may be able to hasten your recovery. 


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