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Enrich your routine with summer-inspired beauty habits

by timetospa July 22, 2012
Enrich your routine with summer-inspired beauty habits

August is almost here, which means the end of summer is near. While you may be ready to trade your swimsuit for a backpack and jeans, this sunny season still begs to be enjoyed. As you pursue new outdoor activities and adventures in an effort to live your summer to the fullest, you should continue to practice some of these great summer beauty habits.

Apply sunscreen products regularly. You may have sunscreen with the highest SPF factor around, but did you know that's only a small part of how you should protect yourself from UV rays? While higher SPFs can seem like they offer you more protection, you may be exposing yourself to chemicals in more concentrated doses than your skin can handle. The key to keeping your flesh free of sunburn is to apply sunscreen generously while outside.

Treat brown spots. Even with an excellent sunscreen, you may be susceptible to damage from the sun.  A product that suppresses the melanin cells responsible for discolorations can be a great resource during the summer. 

With a skin care product like La Therapie Glycolic Blancheur Renew - Glycolic Lightening Serum for skin resurfacing, you can lend balance to your skin tone and restore your complexion's creamy luster. Featuring a hyper-potent blend of the bleaching agent hydroquinone and glycolic acid, this serum's excellent lightening properties may help rid you of brown sun spots.


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