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Explore the great outdoors without ruining your beauty

by timetospa July 23, 2012
Explore the great outdoors without ruining your beauty

Are you the kind of woman who loves the great outdoors? While summertime is perfect for relishing all the splendors that nature has to offer, dehydration, bruises and minor scrapes can occur, taking away from your natural beauty. Consider a few of these tips to ensure that your trek through new terrain is a successful one. 

As you set out for an active day of hiking and exploring the wilderness, it's vital that you remember to stay hydrated and energized. Nuts and antioxidant-rich superfoods can help your body remain charged no matter what comes your way. Even if you're experienced as an explorer, it may be a wise idea to pack along a compass, map and cell phone in case you wander into an unfamiliar area.

Treading over new territory can be exciting but also risky. If you fall and scrape your knee, there's no need for it to get you down. Try treating the painful area around the wound with an all-natural remedy like arnica. If the cut is still open, calendula can be an excellent homeopathic way to soothe skin and reduce the risk of infection. Be sure to pack along versatile beauty products like Colorscience Classic Corrector Palette to conceal scrapes and bruises after they've healed. 


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