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Would you ever try an office manicure?

by timetospa July 25, 2012
Would you ever try an office manicure?

Would you ever go to work with chipped polish or broken nails? While this beauty faux pas is hardly desirable, if you have a busy schedule it may be hard to slip away for a little personal time at the nail salon. Even painting at your desk can be a risky move, especially if your boss is in sight.

According to Allure Magazine, some services actually offer on-site office manicures. Setting up in conference rooms or other free space, these on-the-go nail salons give some lucky women the opportunity to get their nails fixed on the job by professionals. 

If your office doesn't seem like a possible place for this to happen, you can always improvise. Beauty products like CND SolarSpeed Spray feature a mix of light oils such as jojoba seed that can help nails dry faster than normal. If you do sneak away for a quick polish, your boss is sure to never suspect a thing with this handy tool at your disposal. 


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