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Tips for choosing surprisingly healthy snacks for your road trip

by timetospa July 31, 2012
Tips for choosing surprisingly healthy snacks for your road trip

If you're planning a family vacation this summer, you need to account for more than just your travel itinerary. Unless you're packing lunches to eat on the road, you're likely going to need to stop for a quick snack along the way, which can create problems. Fast food stands are a definite no, but with a few of these tips, you'll know which treats are safe to nibble on without breaking your fitness goals.

Convenience stores are a haven for bad food, and you probably make a point of avoiding them the same way you do vending machines. But did you know that some foods might actually be better for you than previously believed? Consumed in moderation, jerky may be a good snack choice if you're seeking a quick source of protein, according to Shape Magazine.

Another excellent option for roadside snacks are sunflower kernels. Containing protein and fiber, these treats can satisfy your hunger while offering better health benefits than candy or a bag of chips. If you share this snack, you'll also be able to stick within your dietary plans, as most bags typically include up to three servings.

If at any point you crave a full body detox, be sure to bring along a Chinese herbal supplement like Jou Life Support. Tablets can help promote a good digestive system, along with healthy blood and heart function. 


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