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Does exercise really increase metabolism?

by timetospa August 9, 2012
Does exercise really increase metabolism?

Do you work up a sweat through daily exercise but still have a hard time keeping off those extra pounds? New research now suggests that working out won't necessarily increase your metabolism. This groundbreaking revelation sheds new light on why some long-term physical fitness regimens may fall short of the mark, and why stubborn fat can linger on despite targeted, full-bodied work outs.

In a recent study by The Center for Quantitative Obesity Research at Montclair State University, researchers found that basal metabolic rates, or the base number of calories burned without physical exertion, dropped as participants lost weight. According to study co-author Diana Thomas, this metabolic shift usually isn't a factor in most weight-loss calculations and formulas.

Thomas has since developed a formula that factors age, height, gender, metabolism shifts and the current stable body weight of dieters into account when determining realistic weight loss goals.

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