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Sculpt your body with anti-stretch mark beauty tips

by timetospa August 16, 2012
Sculpt your body with anti-stretch mark beauty tips

Anti aging skin care tricks can help you achieve the smooth, taut-looking flesh you so desire, but sometimes when skin is stretched as a result of weight loss or other conditions, stretch marks can begin to form around your body.

These unsightly pink to purplish streaks can be the result of broken down elastin fibers and depleted collagen in the epidermis, according to Prevention Magazine. But with a few of these helpful tricks, you may be able to reduce their undesirable appearance.

Sculpt your skin. Stretch marks may leave you feeling down in the dumps, but with a product like Elemis Spa At Home Japanese Camellia Oil Blend, which features a soothing blend of camellia and sweet almond oil and can help nourish your skin and restore higher levels of hydration to it for an overall more luminous complexion.

Embrace retinols. Recent studies have also shown that application of retinoids may help diminish the appearance of stretch marks if applied early, reports Oprah Magazine. Over time, these streaks can lose their color and become white. While retinoid-based products won't be able to restore the natural color of skin, they may be able to even out the tone to better match your natural hue. 


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