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How well do you know your skin?

by timetospa September 5, 2012
How well do you know your skin?

Do you find yourself fighting against dry and oily skin on a regular basis? While this can seem highly unusual, it's actually a characteristic of combination skin, which affects many women across the country.

While combination skin can be a tricky thing to manage - especially if you struggle regularly with constant shine and oil in your sensitive T-zone area - with a few of these tips you can learn more about the complexities of your complexion and beat back the negative side effects of combination skin for good!

According to DailyGlow.com, one of the most common issues related to combination skin is a lack of balance, both in your complexion and your treatment methods. While oil-free, non-irritant skincare product can be a safe choice, you may need to be vigilant about where and how you apply certain creams and moisturizers. Because of your skin's complex nature, some products that work well in one area may fail miserably on another.

Problems arising from combination skin require a comprehensive treatment, which is exactly what you'll get with a product like La Therapie Tonique Astringente Peaux Mixtes - Gentle Toning Lotion for combination skin. Containing soothing calendula and matricaria, this alcohol-free toner is one of the best skincare beauty products you can apply to your complexion, helping refine and cleanse your pores for a radiant glow!


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