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Get Elemis skincare products that are tough enough for your guy

by timetospa September 19, 2012
Get Elemis skincare products that are tough enough for your guy

When it comes to looking great, women aren't the only ones who need help from time to time! Men may come off all tough and rugged, but the truth is, even they can suffer from dull, dry and troublesome skin on occasion. When those days happen, having skincare products that are specifically designed to be tough enough for a man can make all the difference in the world!

Whether the guy in your life is traveling for business or just has trouble figuring out what men products best fit his needs, a product like Elemis Safari Traveller for Men can be a great option.

Featuring several potent Elemis skincare products, like Daily Moisture Boost (which serves as a great, go-to hydrating and moisturizing blend for everyday use) and Deep Cleanse Facial Wash (it can help prevent super-lame ingrown hairs and impurities) your guy's skin is sure to be softer than ever, without losing that masculine edge.

In addition, the Safari Traveller contains uplifting and rejuvenating products for shower use, like Sharp Shower. When it comes to shaving, the Energizing Skin Scrub can be a fantastic way for your guy to prep his skin for a shave, while the ultra-replenishing Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel contained in the kit is scientifically formulated to give your fella the best shave ever!


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