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Eyeshadow trends for colder weather

by timetospa September 19, 2012
Eyeshadow trends for colder weather

The seasons are beginning to change, which means that the bright and bold colors of summer are out - and rich, deep shades for fall are in. When it comes to eyeshadow, there's no easier way to add a pop of color to a pretty face. So what hues should you look for to herald the arrival of autumn?

The first thing you should do is put away your neon pinks and day-glo greens! Those colors are fun for a summer night by the beach, but when it's time to head into the office on a crisp fall morning, you'll want something a little more professional. Light blue, rosy pink and metallic gold are all excellent picks that'll mirror a clear fall sunset without adding too much brightness to your wardrobe.

Complement your shadow with a swipe of rich eyeliner in shades like plum, brown and navy. If you have fair skin or light eyes, stay away from black, which can be too heavy for a beautiful autumn evening.

Finally, when the day's done, don't forget to wash it all away. Nothing gets skin cleaner than Elemis Rosepetal Cleanser, a gentle way to freshen your face and clear off all your cosmetics before you hit the hay.


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