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Eliminating wrinkles - without a visit to the doctor's office

by timetospa September 20, 2012
Eliminating wrinkles - without a visit to the doctor's office

Wrinkles may be a natural part of aging, but no woman is excited to look in the mirror and see fine lines spreading out from her eyes and mouth. If aging's got you down, you don't necessarily need to take drastic steps to restore your skin to its youthful glory. Before you call the doctor, try some of these great beauty tips that could be just as effective!

If you've noticed that your wrinkles look deeper and more defined some days more than others, the problem may be your diet. Dehydration can dry out your complexion, exacerbating the effects of aging. For clearer, tighter skin in just a day, start drinking more water. You should be drinking at least eight glasses of pure H2O a day, and no soda or sugary juice drinks! If you have trouble meeting this goal, consider investing in a reusable bottle you can carry with you wherever you go, so you'll always have water on hand.

Taking good care of your skin is the first step toward repairing - or preventing - the signs of aging. A nightly regimen consisting of anti aging moisturizer and anti aging skin cream is another great way to keep wrinkles at bay. Try Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 100ML to ward off the signs of aging and help eliminate the fine lines that may already be appearing around your face and neck. This unique formula, made with marine algae, has been clinically proven to erase wrinkle depth by as much as 78 percent.


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