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Want clear skin? Get more sleep

by timetospa September 20, 2012
Want clear skin? Get more sleep

Got dull skin, wrinkles or acne blemishes? Often times, skin woes can all be traced back to one very simple problem - lack of sleep. While anti aging moisturizers and skin care creams can make a difference, taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to ease skin issues.

There's a reason they call it beauty sleep, and that's because the forty winks you're getting every night is the time that your body uses to repair damage to your cells - including skin cells. If you're not getting enough shuteye, your body doesn't have time to rejuvenate itself after a hard day. That can manifest in a lot of ways, including dry, dull, aged skin.

Getting eight hours of sleep a night isn't easy, especially if you're juggling a job and a family. In order to make sure you're getting enough rest, be sure to plan a bedtime that's early enough to let you drift off slowly and naturally. Don't procrastinate big tasks until the end of the day, and don't look at any glowing screens like televisions or computers for at least an hour before hitting the hay - their artificial light can trick your body into feeling more awake.

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, sleep with your shades open so natural sunlight can gently rouse you from your rest before your alarm so much as beeps.

To ensure that your sleep is as beneficial as possible, try the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow - Memory Foam. This soft yet supportive pillow cradles your head and neck while you sleep, helping to ward off wrinkles, blemishes and signs of aging.


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