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Lipstick trends for fall

by timetospa September 21, 2012
Lipstick trends for fall

In the summertime, all you need for a beautiful smile is some chapstick and maybe a pat of clear gloss. But when the temperature starts to drop, cooler weather calls for richer makeup. That's why fall is the perfect time to start experimenting with lip color!

Rich, dark shades can look fabulous on gals of any skin tone, whether you're fair or tan. To get into the fall vibe, try a velvety magenta or maroon that'll look great with all the navy, orange and purple shades on the runway this season.

Bright red is always in style, and never more so than in the fall. Match the changing foliage with a red that's as pretty and feminine as it is bold and unmistakable. To keep it from looking too summery, opt for a matte formula instead of a shimmery one. The soft style of matte makeup gives off a luxurious vibe that'll go perfectly with any cashmere sweater or knit scarf.

If you're new to bold lipstick, ease into the trend with a color that's a little more muted. Reds and pinks with brownish-orange undertones will blend with your natural lip hue but still add that pop of seasonal color that will make it seem like you've been snacking on pumpkin pie and cinnamon.

Prep your lips for color application with a lip scrub, like Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. A gentle rub before bedtime, and your pout will be pretty as soon as you wake up.


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