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The benefits of baths

by timetospa October 3, 2012
The benefits of baths

If you're like most modern adults, finding the time to sink into a bathtub - if your home or apartment even has one - is no easy task. Between juggling family, friends and career, you're lucky if you've got time to hop in the shower and towel-dry your hair before it's on to the next meeting. But making time for a luxurious soak in the tub should be a priority if you care about your mental and physical health. Bathtime is the perfect opportunity for a mind and body detox that'll have you feeling ready to take on any challenge.

Managing a busy schedule often doesn't leave you with much "me-time" to focus on your own needs. However, fitting a bath into your week can give you at least half an hour to reflect on your life and spend time thinking about things other than what needs to get done tomorrow. If you fill your bath with relaxing scents like lavender and rose, some time in the tub can be an excellent way to clear and calm your mind before bedtime. Try Elemis The Spa Candle, which features a decadent vanilla and cinnamon scent, to take your bath to the next level.

To combine your mental relaxation with some body rejuvenation, you can add some skin-conditioning beauty products to your bathwater. A splash of Elemis Spa At Home Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir, with soothing ingredients to calm both skin and mind, is an easy way to take any bath from ordinary to extraordinary.


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