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The three products all men should have in their pockets

by timetospa October 3, 2012
The three products all men should have in their pockets

Men usually don't carry around a purse full of hand sanitizers and lipsticks, but that doesn't mean they should walk around without any beauty products at all. Even dudes know that smooth skin and sexy hair are key to looking great, and having a quick fix in your pocket or laptop case can help you look your best in case of an unexpected meeting with that cute girl in the office. Here are the three men products all guys should keep nearby.

1. Lip balm.
Chapped lips are a big problem, especially in the fall. Nothing ruins a cute smile faster than a dry, flaky pout. Keep your lips hydrated with Elemis Lip Revive - New Formula, which easily fits in any pocket for emergency application before a kiss.

2. Hand lotion.
Shaking hands with someone whose palms are dry and cracked isn't pleasant for anyone. Keep your hands moisturized with a travel-sized lotion that you can stash away in a briefcase for quick use after a trip to the bathroom. Try Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream to keep hands touchable all day long.

3. Hair serum.
Nothing strips you of your professional air faster than messy hair and flyaways. Smooth down strays with Steiner Jelly Whip Styling Gel, which will keep your style looking office-ready all day long, through any kind of weather. The small bottle fits in a laptop bag or backpack for use throughout the workday.


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