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Unlock the hidden star power of vibrant hair with Phyto 7

by timetospa October 15, 2012
Unlock the hidden star power of vibrant hair with Phyto 7

The days of giant beehives and impenetrable bouffants may be long gone, but if you're a woman who relishes being on the cutting edge of the latest beauty and fashion trends, the allure of big hair may still beckon you to try out exciting new styles.

Experimenting with the size of your 'do can be the stuff of memorable nights, and even celebrities are getting in on the action!

"I just feel like...maybe [big hair] makes the rest of me look smaller," said singer Carrie Underwood in a recent interview with People Magazine. "I'm not sure of my reasoning, but that's the number-one thing I do. When someone fixes my hair, I put my fingers in it and make it look bigger."

Want to unlock the hidden star power behind big hair without robbing your locks of vital nutrients? Since it deserves to be your primary priority, the first thing you'll need to do is invest in an ultra-nourishing leave-in conditioner like Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream, which can infuse your tresses with a botanical formula that's sure to nourish throughout the day.

In addition to Phyto 7, be sure to look for hair products that feature calendula, which has soothing and calming properties ideal for preventing a frizzy, bushy look, and rosemary, which can invigorate your locks with healing antioxidants. 


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