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Bring sheer Bliss to your feet this autumn

by timetospa October 16, 2012
Bring sheer Bliss to your feet this autumn

Your days of running along the sandy shores of your local lake or beach may be long over with, but just because it's autumn doesn't mean it's time to let your feet maintenance tricks fall by the wayside!

When it comes anti aging skincare techniques, most women maintain a dutiful regimen of creams and moisturizer application in an effort to preserve the luster and youthful allure of their complexion. Why shouldn't it be the same for your feet?

One of the best ways that you can keep yours in tip-top condition is with a product rich in salicylic acid like Bliss Foot Patrol. No matter how rough or tough the pads of your feet are, if you apply this potent and peppermint-fresh cream daily, you're sure to see wonderful results in no time!

Another great way to make your feet feel loved this season is to take the time to color them with long-lasting nail polish like CND Nail Colour - Copper Chromes. A remarkable shade like Copper Chrome can be a lovely accent to your autumn wardrobe and bring out the mesmerizing gold and yellow shades of freshly fallen leaves. 


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