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The benefits of milk face wash

by timetospa October 31, 2012
The benefits of milk face wash

You know about ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide when it comes to keeping skin clear and healthy, but the back of your beauty products' labels don't have to sounds like your Intro to Chemistry class for your favorites to be effective. In fact, sometimes all-natural ingredients can be superior to their lab-created sidekicks.

Face washes with acids, dyes or artificial fragrances can often irritate sensitive skin, exacerbating problems like dry spots and acne instead of clearing them up. If you find that your skin doesn't react well to some beauty products, you may want to try natural varieties with a dairy base instead.

Milk face wash uses the soothing power of dairy to relieve common skin problems and leave skin soft and silky. Dairy is full of vitamins and minerals that aren't just good for your insides - they can work wonders on your outside, too. The creamy nature of milk-based products helps clear up redness and blemishes in no time, and leaves skin clean and refreshed.

Try La Thérapie Lait Démaquillant Peaux Normales - Gentle cleansing milk for normal skin for a natural clean designed to even out skin's imperfections and get you back to beautiful in no time.


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