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Figuring out your foundation: A perfect face in three easy steps

by timetospa November 29, 2012
Figuring out your foundation: A perfect face in three easy steps

Foundation seems like one of those beauty products that is easy enough - you simply smear it on and your face is flawless, right? Not so fast. Whether you have some redness, dry skin or an oily T-zone, chances are your complexion is far from perfect, which means you might need some special skills (and skin care products) to get the best application of foundation.

Step 1. Prime your face. Use either a moisturizer or primer to smooth out your skin before tyou apply your foundation. Primer is what gives your skin that photo finish, and will help it stay in place all day long.

Step 2. Consider sun protection. Check your foundation to see if it has a sunscreen built in. If you are using makeup products like Colorescience Suncanny SPF 20 Retractable Brush, you don't have to worry about this step, but if your foundation doesn't have protection from UVA or UVB rays, make sure you apply sunscreen underneath.

Step 3. Conceal and seal the deal. Use a concealer to cover bags and blemishes, blend, then apply your foundation with a brush. If you are using liquid foundation like Colorescience Sheer Creme Foundation, you might want to use your fingers to reach narrow spots. Voila! 


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