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Get sexy like Victoria's Secret models

by timetospa May 14, 2013
Get sexy like Victoria's Secret models

Victoria's Secret recently released its "What is Sexy?" 2013 list, offering ladies around the world a glimpse at what the popular lingerie brand finds the most attractive in women. The company broke down everything from who in Hollywood has the best eyes, lips, hair and more so that women everywhere can learn to style their own complexions to resemble the hottest gals around. 

According to the company, leading lady Jessica Chastain was dubbed the overall Sexiest Actress thanks to her fabulous curves, natural waves and gorgeous fair skin. It may come as no surprise that the stunning Blake Lively earned the title of Sexiest Legs, while the beautiful Zoe Saldana was honored with the Sexiest Smile award. 

Other pretty ladies like Zooey Deschanel, Kerry Washington and Beyonce also made the cut, in the Sexiest Eyes, Sexiest Lips and Sexiest Songstress categories respectively. Sexiest Mom went to Giuliana Rancic, while funny gal Jennifer Lawrence was given the Sexiest Sense of Humor accolade. 

Are you dying to dazzle your guy with looks like these leading ladies? You're not alone. Thankfully, using certain beauty products, hair products and skincare creams can help you feel as gorgeous as an A-lister. 

Enhance your eyes
The eyes are known as the gateway to the soul and if you are interested in boosting the look of your peepers, then keeping eye wrinkles at bay is the best way to start. Investing in an eye soothing mask like the Elemis Absolute Eye Mask might be a suitable option to ensure your eyes stay bright and beautiful. The mask contains extracts of rose, mimosa, cornflower and camellia to help firm this sensitive skin and minimize the appearance of dark circles in a flash. 

Using this, along with other Elemis skincare products designed with eyes in mind is sure to keep you looking and feeling younger for longer. 

Kiss me lips
Not everyone is blessed with a perky and full pout like the gorgeous Washington, but that doesn't mean ladies can't fake it. In fact, more products than ever are offering ladies easy ways to enhance their pouts. WebMD reports lip plumping products tend to come in glosses, gel or lip balms and most contain natural ingredients like cinnamon, mint or wintergreen to boost blood flow to the lips, causing them to appear larger. 

Applying Bliss products like Bliss Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper is sure to help you feel sexier than ever without having to go under the knife. 


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