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Manicures to spice up your life

by timetospa May 21, 2013
Manicures to spice up your life

The bright and beautiful days of summer are almost here and if you've been wondering how to give your nails a fresh look, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're into cutesy and fun like the adorable Zooey Deschanel or more sassy and fashion-forward designs like Gwen Stefani, there is likely a look that will suit your needs. The experts at Rue​ La​ La recently discussed two unique manicure ideas that are sure to garner plenty of positive attention. 

Cloudy chic
The first style to attempt may be best for the weekend or for a more casual workplace since the nails are meant to be bright and funky. According to the experts, for this style you'll need three professional nail polish shades - they show a bright pink, a light blue and a darker blue, though you could opt for any hues you like best. A clear top coat is also a must. 

When you have your colors in hand, start by applying the pink hue, such as CND Nail Colour - Pinks in Raspberry Parfait, as the base coat and adding two coats before letting the color dry completely. After the first layer is dry, grab the second color and start to make a straight stroke from the right side to the left from the center of the nail to the top. Use a toothpick or a nail tool to create the cloud effect. When this coat is dry, get your third color and repeat the last step, starting about three-quarters up the nail and ending at the tip. Create the same cloud appearance with a fresh toothpick or tool of your choice. 

After the third hue is dry, apply a top clear coat to help the fun and fabulous style last longer. 

Lovely leopard
Leopard print is certainly in style with both clothing and accessories, so why wouldn't you want to rock the trend on your nails? To rock this look you'll need white nail polish, as well as four to five other bright hues that work together. Other tools include scrap paper, a mechanical pencil, a nail art pen and a clear top coat. 

Begin the transformation by applying two coats of the white color and then letting it dry completely. Next, place a few dots of the colorful nail polishes on the scrap paper. Grab the mechanical pencil and then dip it into one color, then use the pencil to stamp the hue onto your nails. Wash off the pencil in between color switches. When you feel like your nails are fully dotted, grab the black art pen and outline the sides of the dry dots. You'll be left with a fabulous and totally noteworthy look. 


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