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Beauty products to score before summer

by timetospa May 22, 2013
Beauty products to score before summer

Summer 2013 is shaping up to be one for the books - that is if the warm weather ever decides to come. If you're patiently waiting for the days in which you leave work, grab a cocktail with friends and enjoy a cab ride home with the windows down, that day will soon come, and you better be prepared. Arming yourself with the best makeup and skincare products on the market made for warm weather is the best way to look perfect once the sun starts shinning for good. 

Get a glow with SPF
Sure, that first tan (or burn) of the season may seem necessary to achieve a base all summer, but there are other ways to get a gorgeous glow without frying your skin. The pros at Harper's Bazaar magazine suggest ladies find a moisturizing cream or serum that helps hydrate the complexion while offering a subtle tint to enhance their sun-kissed cheeks, nose and forehead. 

Looking into the Laboratoire Remède Translucent UV Coat cream might be the way to go since the fluid is not only lightweight and oil-free, it also boasts sunscreen protection and light-reflecting powders to help hide any imperfections. 

Fake it to protect your skin
If you're very fair skinned or simply want to avoid forehead and eye wrinkles for as long as possible, then finding a great self tanning product is a must. According to O magazine, the self tanning industry has grown for the better over the years, meaning there are plenty of options to choose from that will have you looking like you just got back from vacation in no time.

The most important tips to take to heart when searching for a fake tanner is to find one that smells great, is easy to apply and isn't too dark. An option like the Elemis Total Glow Self Tanning Cream might be a great option given its elite ingredients. The self tanner contains macadamia nut oil extracts and amino acids to help guard your skin against harmful free radicals. In just two to three hours after the application, you'll look and smell like you've just been visiting a tropical island. 

Other products to pick up in time for summer include a nourishing and colorful lip balm or lipstick, a great BB cream and professional nail polish in bright shades to help your gorgeous skin glow even more. 


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