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Transform you look for summer with these hairstyles

by timetospa June 12, 2013
Transform you look for summer with these hairstyles

Nothing helps you beat the heat quite like a fabulous hairstyle. If you've been wondering how to get the locks off your neck, out of your eyes or just away from you entirely, then learning a few gorgeous updos might be the way to go. From the chic chignon style to more advanced curled looks, keeping cool starts with sassy hairstyles in summer.

Knot to worry about
A great and still chic way to beat the summer heat is to tie your long locks back in a low knotted bun. Gorgeous celebs like Emily Blunt and Stacy Keibler have been known to don this style, so you're in good company. For this trend, the experts at Harper's Bazaar magazine recommend first running de-frizzing hair products through your hair for best results. Apply Steiner Kink Control Anti-Frizz Cream 150ml​  through your wet locks before doing a quick blow dry. 

Next, part your hair in the middle or in an exaggerated part, depending on what you're comfortable with, and then secure your hair in a smooth low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Wrap your pony around and pin strands in place to create a sort of knotted messy bun.

Braid away
Looking for a bigger challenge? Then rocking braids - whether off to one side, as a headband or in a fishtail - is for you. Major celebs like Hayden Panettiere, Blake Lively and Nicole Richie have all rocked braided updos, and the chic bohemian vibes are perfect for summer. 

To rock the headband style like Panettiere, start by braiding one section of hair by your ear and then pin it to the top of your head. Follow the same step on the other side of your head, connecting the second braid with the first one on top for the perfect crown effect. 

Pony up
Nothing says "easy and breezy" quite like a ponytail. However, in today's fashion-forward society, simply opting to switch up the standard pony for a side version adds major style points to any summer look. According to Real Simple magazine, ladies with straight hair might want to add some​ oomph to their look by first setting their mane in hot rollers to achieve big and bold curls. 

Next, create an exaggerated side part, leaving a few front pieces out and taking the rest of the hair off to the same side in a low, side pony. Add a bit more life to the look by removing a small section of the pony and wrapping it around the elastic, pinning it to hold it in place. 


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