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Love your naked body with these tips

by timetospa June 17, 2013
Love your naked body with these tips

There are plenty of exercise and diet tips out there that if you follow correctly, will help you achieve the body of your dreams. However, if you're like many of us and solely go to the gym so you can enjoy that cheeseburger or hot fudge sundae, then such rigorous plans might not be right for you. Luckily, there are some more fun ways to feel fabulous in your birthday suit without straining yourself too much.

Pre date night workout
Even if you don't pump iron on a regular basis, there are certain times when you want to feel your best - specifically on date nights with your new beau. A great way to feel prepared for the date (and perhaps what happens after) is to perform a few exercises the morning of the event. According to the health and fitness gurus at Cosmopolitan magazine, the best way to get in a perfect quickie (workout that is) is by doing 24 lunges on each leg, followed by 24 bicycle crunches and 24 push-ups. Sensing a pattern? It continues with 24 V-crunches and concludes with 24 seconds of mountain climber routines.

This short yet intense workout will leave you feeling ready to take it all off!

Scrub your insecurities away
The next step on the feel-your-best-naked list is to give your skin a major boost using luxury spa products. The experts recommend hopping in the shower before a big date and exfoliating your skin with a fragrant product. Bliss products like Bliss Fat Girl Scrub might be the best choice of all, since this scrub helps to smooth your skin while working to fully exfoliate your less-than-perfect areas. 

Rocking a natural-looking self tanner such as the Elemis Total Glow Self Tanning Cream might also take your confidence level up a few notches, whether you're going on a first date or have been with your beau for years. 

Set the mood
Sure, you might not want to change the color of your bedroom walls just because it helps you look better naked, but adding mood lighting and candles can certainly create a sexier atmosphere. 

According to Elle Decor, there are easy ways to boost the mood in the bedroom, starting with replacing harsh overhead lights with softer, lower-wattage lamps. Adding candles or Champagne-colored light bulbs for certain occasions can instantly take your space from standard bedroom to romantic getaway, helping you feel sexy and confident. 


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