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Ease your summertime hair routine with these trends

by timetospa June 18, 2013
Ease your summertime hair routine with these trends

Summer 2013 is looking to be a scorcher, so you'll likely want to do little more than float, swim and soak, whether by the pool or at the beach. Even though heading to the ocean means you'll get to enjoy a few hours of beach wave hair, the heat and humidity on a standard day might make you re-think your beauty and hair routine. Here are few of the best hair and beauty styles to try in the coming months:

Take the topknot to summer
It's pretty obvious that the topknot will continue to be a popular style come summer, thanks to its ability to get the hair off your neck and out of your face as the temperature rises. Though it's fine to rock a traditional topknot year-round, the experts at Glamour magazine recommend making a few changes to the style to help it look better in the heat.

Topknots are known for being sleek and sassy, but in summer, the frizz and flyaways tend to pop up around your forehead, which is anything but chic. You can easily curb this issue by using certain hair products like Steiner Stay Put Extra Firm Finishing Spray 200 ml directly on the trouble region. 

Next, grab your blow dryer and run it over the hair sprayed section for one or two two minutes to secure the hold. 

Always accessorize
No one likes the frizz that comes along with a day at the beach or a balmy night at an outdoor club. Though certain styling products can help tame your wild mane, another crucial thing to learn is accessorizing. That's right, picking up fun clips, bows and headbands can act as your best defense against hair drama. 

According to InStyle magazine, everyone, from Michelle Williams and Zooey Deschanel to Ginnifer Goodwin and Elizabeth Banks, has used headbands to enhance their hairstyles. 

For summer, the best way to wear a headband is to pull your hair back into a ponytail and finish the 'do off with a thin, brightly colored band. Feel free to create a modest bump for major drama or to slick the front of your hair completely back, helping to prevent frizz. 

On the same note, you could opt to wear it like the gorgeous Banks, who chose to leave her side bangs out and rock a low side-bun with her headband at the middle of her head. This style could work well as long as you've properly slicked down your hair before adding the band. 


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