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Ban common summer skin woes for good

by timetospa July 18, 2013
Ban common summer skin woes for good

The warm weather is great for soaking up the sun and getting a glistening glow, but if you're like most women, it's likely you suffer from some beauty woes when the temperature rises. Whether you deal with oily skin, sunburns or age spots, getting to the root of the issue and fixing the problem now will mean better, brighter days ahead.

Oil slicks
Oily skin is mainly a hereditary problem, so if you have the issue all year, it's likely it will worsen in the summer. Discovery Fit & Health reports oil, or sebum, is produced by the sebaceous glands and comes out through your pores. Having an oily complexion tends to mean that your glands simply secrete more sebum than normal, leading to the the skin problem. 

While there is no way to reduce the amount of oil your glands produce, there are ways to control it. The pros at Real Simple magazine recommend starting each morning off by washing your face with water and then applying a salicylic-based toner to help limit shine. 

"It minimizes shine by removing the dead, sticky cells from the top of skin that hold on to oil," Amy Wechsler, a New York City dermatologist told the news outlet. 

You could improve the appearance of your skin with a product like La Thérapie Glycolic Clarité Renew Peaux Neuves - Glycolic Clarifying Lotion for skin resurfacing. This lotion contains a mix of glycolic and salicylic acid to help clean and repair your specific skin type.

Brown spots
Age spots, which appear as brown discoloration on the face, hands and neck, are very common in adults over the age of 40, though anyone can get them. The Mayo Clinic reports the spots tend to arise after prolonged sun exposure, and even though in most instances the issue is just cosmetic, some women feel they're problematic nonetheless.

If you've been finding more sun spots than usual, it might be time to start applying sunscreen products like Bliss The Youth As We Know it Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion SPF 30 on a daily basis to prevent future spots. On the same note, the beauty experts at Real Simple also suggest investing in an exfoliator that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids to help boost cell turnover rates, which can help to repair or minimize the look of the spots.


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