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Revitalize your look in a few easy steps

by timetospa July 23, 2013
Revitalize your look in a few easy steps

It can be easy to get into a style rut, whether you find yourself always pulling your hair back into a ponytail or dipping into the same beauty products every day. However, if you've been unhappy with how you look in photographs or notice other women at work standing out thanks to their hair or makeup tricks, it might be time to revamp your overall style. Doing so might help give your confidence a boost as well.

Part ways with your current hairstyle
This is perhaps one of the easiest, yet dramatic ways to transform your current look, and all it requires is for you to switch up your part. The pros at Woman's Day magazine report simply going from a side part to a middle part - or vice versa - can make a big difference in your look. Not only can this tip transform how your hair flatters your face, but you're likely to have more volume at the roots since the follicles got used to lying flat in one direction.

A San Diego-based hairstylist told the news outlet the best way to have a successful transition is change your part before you go to bed, using a comb and styling cream to keep it in place. You could also opt to don a thick, no-slip elastic headband during the night to prevent movement. However, if you do wear a headband, make sure to put a few tissues in between the hair and the head piece to prevent creasing.

By morning, your new part should be perfect and flyaway free. 

Be bold with your nails
You might think that switching out your standard red or light pink professional nail polish for a more chic and modern shade like CND Nail Effect - Pearls in Copper Pearl may do little in terms of transforming you look, but nail fashion is a major statement and can help​ you show your true personality. While changing up your mani/pedi routine is major, deciding to try out a different shape on your nails is an even bolder option.

TLC reported on a few shapes out there today that are just as chic as they are professional. One trend, the almond, might be a great step out of your comfort zone. This style calls for longer nails with a softer, rounded tip, similar to the shape of an almond. While the trend is meant to be long, you could opt to go for a shorter version at first to see if the look is right for you.

Other styles, including sharp-corner squared tips, squared oval tips and stiletto tips, are also on trend right now.


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