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Sass up your long hair look now

by timetospa August 6, 2013
Sass up your long hair look now

While in recent years bobs, lobs and other shorter hairdos have been all the rage, in 2013 longer locks seems to be the way to go. Even though having longer hair allows you to wear it straight, curly, up or down, it's likely if you're like most ladies, you tend to throw your hair up in a ponytail or bun on the regular. It's OK to go for this style once in awhile, but if you're in a "long hair don't care" type of beauty rut, the time to change your ways starts now.

Here are a few stylish ideas to attempt with your long locks this year:

Sassy side braids
If you rocked cornrows, butterfly clips or other pulled-back looks in the past, you're certainly not alone. While these trends have (thankfully) died off, braids in general have not. You can instantly take your look from standard to stand-out by styling your hair with a few side braids - similar to the gorgeous Cara Delevigne​'s locks at this year's Met Gala. 

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, for this rocker-chic style you'll need a few styling products to help keep the funky braids secure. Start by blow drying your hair and creating an exaggerated side-part off to one side. Keep the hair in place by running a bit of Steiner Discipline Styling Taffy 67.4g through your locks. 

After your part is set, grab a few pieces of hair on the other side and start to create a French braid going toward the back of your head rather than over the crown, completing the braid underneath the rest of your hair to hide it. This horizontal style is sure to garner major attention at your next outing.

Beach waves
Since summer is still in full swing, it can be fun to get the most out of your natural beach waves before it's too late. While you might be able to create such waves by using a few hair products, including Steiner Abundance Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair 150ml, there are other tips for completing this task. 

The pros at Marie Claire magazine report getting a haircut with long layers is the first step in this sassy transformation. Next, you should wash your hair, add in texturizing mousse or spray and then separate your locks into sections to be blow dried using a diffuser. When the hair is completely dry, tousle it around in your fingers and add in hair spray to keep the style in place.  


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