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Look fresh with these au naturel makeup tips

by timetospa November 12, 2013
Look fresh with these au naturel makeup tips

It would be nice if we could roll out of bed every morning and go straight to the office looking fresh and put together, but let's face it - every gal spends some time in front of the bathroom mirror. While the au naturel look is completely enviable, it's also very attainable. You might think it's impossible to clinch the look without using a number of products, but there are ways to cut down on the daily cosmetics and achieve a radiant, glowing vibe with the barest minimal of products. 

With these beauty tips, you can look effortless without the effort:

Reset your foundation
While you might be tempted to cover up unwanted acne and discoloration, caking on too much foundation or pressed powder in the morning can make your skin look heavy, flaky and overdone. If you want fresh-looking skin that exudes radiance rather than dullness, trade the foundation for a gentle moisturizer, which will hydrate your skin and leave it dewy for the rest of the day. Then, pinpoint your blemishes with a strong yet seamless corrector palette that will give you solid coverage without the weight, like the Colorscience Corrector Palette, which comes in universal neutral tones. Allure associate editor Sophia Panych suggests brushing the color corrector primer around your nose and over your chin, so it doesn't add extra color to your skin.

Create a natural flush
When looking to achieve a flawless face, beware of dark blushes, which can look unnatural. Those with typically rosy cheeks can skip the blush altogether, but for those who want an extra bit of color, try a translucent bronzer, such as the California Sun Glow, which can be applied either with a large brush or blended into your cheeks with your fingertips. Make a "fish face" with your lips to find the apples of your cheeks, then lightly dust the bronzer from that point up to your temples. 

Finishing touches
To secure the au naturel look, keep the rest of your face light. Add some slight definition to your eyes with layer or two of dark brown mascara, which exudes a much softer vibe than black, and skip the heavy eyeliner. Freshen your pout with a specially designed lip cleanser that will eliminate all leftover makeup and other residue, like the Bliss Fabulips Foaming Lip Cleanser, then dab your lips with a stain or gloss that has only a tint of berry pink for an overall lively look. 


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