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Bundle up and protect your hair this winter

by timetospa November 12, 2013
Bundle up and protect your hair this winter

With temperatures dropping to cool and even freezing temperatures, it's time to think about your winter hair regimen. Months of cold hair can damage your locks, drying them out and making them coarse and brittle - not exactly what you want when you hit up all your holiday festivities.

Protect your strands this winter season with a little help from these beauty tips and products:

Lower the heat
While you'll certainly be turning the heat in your house up high this winter to keep your body warm, your hair doesn't need the extra warmth. Using heat-based devices such as straightening and curling irons can fry your hair even more during the colder months, so set aside a few more minutes to let your hair air dry as much as possible. To add extra volume or curls to your hair, swap out the curling iron for Velcro rollers. And if you must blow dry, keep the device on its coolest setting and point it downward at the section of hair you want to dry to cut down on excess frizz. 

Leave in conditioners
If you're going to straighten or curl your hair with an iron, then you'll need to protect your locks with extra conditioners and oils that will trap as much moisture as possible. Look for a conditioner with tea seed oil and leave it in your hair overnight using a shower cap. Specially designed styling serums, such as the Steiner Dire Straights Flat Iron Lotion, can also shield your strands from the heat while also sealing in the moisture. Simply apply on dry hair from the roots to the ends and iron away. 

Wash less
If you normally feel bad about not cleansing your hair every day, don't - washing your locks every day can actually be worse for your hair, especially during the colder months. Too many showers and shampoos can eliminate the moisture in your strands, making them prone to breakage, which can lead to unwanted frizz. Try washing your hair every other day - or even every third day - and when you do rinse it, remember to turn the temperature down - lukewarm temperatures will harm your strands much less than hot water. 

Cap it off
Of course, protecting your hair doesn't end once you step out of the house. Cover your locks from the freezing elements with hats that have silk, satin or wool linings - fabrics like cotton will not only suck up your hair's moisture, but also chafe your strands, causing potential breakage and flyaway hairs. 


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