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What are the best hair cuts of the season?

by timetospa November 14, 2013
What are the best hair cuts of the season?

Spring may be the time for cleaning and re-organizing, but autumn calls for changes more than any other season. Maybe it's the morphing of the leaves or the sudden transition from wispy sundresses to oversized knit sweaters - whatever it is, fall makes us want to try out new activities, ideas and, of course, beauty trends. Do a little experimentation this season and trade your tired style  for an entirely different hair cut that you would never dare to rock before. Who knows - it just might last throughout the season.

Bang it out
Always wanted bangs but never took the leap? Here's your chance. Full, thick bangs that fall straight across the face are taking center stage this season and with good reason - bangs can add oomph to any basic haircut, making it effortlessly chic. When cutting your fringe, make sure it's not too blunt. Thick bangs that are all one length can create harsh angles and shrink your face, making you look much too austere. Instead, opt for a longer fringe that grazes your brows in the center and falls to your temples on the side, ultimately framing your face and accentuating your eyes. 

All about Bob
While the bob never goes out of style, it's certainly having a fashion moment this fall. Mix it up and try a more textured, choppy style that will cut down on your styling time. If you have naturally wavy hair, opt for a cut that's slightly higher than your chin and use a firm-hold wax, such as the Steiner Discipline Styling Taffy, as you twist front sections of your hair around your fingers, making it extra piece-y. Straight-haired gals should experiment with a jawline-grazing bob that has a deep side part. For a fun and flirty vibe, add a long yet tapered side-swept bang that can be tucked behind one ear.

Manic pixie
If you're looking for a major hair change, then why not go all the way and get a pixie cut? Despite what you might think, the pixie can be flattering on all face shapes - you just need the right style for you. Women with round faces should go for a pixie that has some extra volume at the top, which will help elongate the face. A pixie with wispy sideswept bangs that frame the eyes works well on women with heart-shaped faces, while oval faces can rock a short, boyish look that's short on the sides and textured on top. 


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