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Traveling tips: Flying with luxury

by timetospa December 11, 2013
Traveling tips: Flying with luxury

December is usually a high-travel month for individuals as they journey home to visit loved ones or take extended vacations to get away from the snow and ice of winter. Getting through airport security, however, is a major bummer for those of us who can't go long without our favorite products. 

Getting past the limitations of flying
Shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, toners - everything you can imagine that comes in a cream, a gel or a liquid must be reduced to a mere 3.4 ounces (100ml) to bring aboard an airplane, according to the TSA. As most of us typically don't need a majority of these products in our carry-on bags anyway, such as wash-out shampoo and their subsequent conditioners, it's easy to decide which should be put in the checked bags. Everything else requires some strategy.

Blasts of hydration to overcome in-flight dryness
For shorter flights, it isn't necessary to bring along an arsenal of products for our skin care routines, but a few conveniences aren't worth leaving behind. Hydrating mists and sprays, for instance, feel great and keep our makeup in check. As the air in a plane is very heavily regulated, it can feel dehydrating for people who have naturally dry skin, and a periodic splash of face spray is just enough to get you through the trip. 

Keep your hair a priority
Our hair, as well, can suffer from high-altitude dryness. Rather than waiting until landing for rejuvenation, especially after long trips, you should consider bringing along a hair mist that will help keep your hair hydrated and prevent unwanted frizz. The trick for both of these products, however, is in the packaging. Although most beauty retailers provide miniature versions of their popular products for just such occasions, such as the Steiner Gloss Mist Shine Spray in 100ml, you might have to come up with an alternative solution.

Don't sacrifice comfort
For sprays and mists, all you really need is an adequate atomizer. These can be found in most drug stores or small convenience shops, and as long as their fluid ounces are clearly labeled somewhere on the bottle, they can be filled with your must-have products. That way, when you reach airport security, the clearly marked bottles will make it easier for you to get through to the other side without having to sacrifice your finely honed beauty routines. 


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