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Using oils as natural moisturizer

by timetospa December 31, 2013
Using oils as natural moisturizer

Although men and women are typically in the pursuit of eliminating acne-causing oils, there's nothing quite like the application of these refined beauty elixirs for extra bursts of hydration. 

Everyone can benefit from using oils
In fact, the skin types that are the most in need of these beauty products fall somewhere on the oily to combination spectrum. When our sebaceous glands kick into overdrive, it's usually due to a lack of hydration. Rather than attempting to dry it out, why not nourish the source of the problem - the glands themselves? According to Total Beauty, women have been slathering oil on their skins since before Cleopatra's era because of its healing properties. 

It seems like all of our favorite beauty magazines caution against products that contain oils, and this might be part of the reason why many have an innate fear against applying rich oils to our faces. However, by using these in place of standard, cream-based moisturizers, you can achieve the same results with a more organic compound. If you have a naturally oily complexion, using an oil instead of a hydrating moisturizer can support a naturally matte complexion.

Additionally, oils allow the wearer to regulate sebum production. This is the substance that our skin produces naturally to keep itself hydrated, but if left unchecked, it can pool in our pores and lead to bacteria production. Applying an oil regularly will teach our skin that enough moisture is coming in, allowing it to relax this overproduction of natural oils. Over time, acne-prone men and women should see a dramatic difference in their skin's texture.

Although oils typically range in their ingredients and soothing properties, all of them follow the same unifying pattern - when applied to the skin, oils are absorbed. Therefore, it's important for you to select products for their healing properties and decide when they should be applied. The Elemis Spa At Home Frangipani Monoi Bod oil, for instance, is a natural, all-over product that can be used to rejuvenate mature skin. As it is an ultra-hydrating solution to dry skin, the formula can solidify if it is cooled down, and if this is the product for you, it should be warmed up before use. 

Use oils at night for cell growth
If you're still skeptical, this next tip might be enough to convince you to try a natural oil - when used at night, most oils aid our skin with cellular regeneration. The evening times are typically when our bodies push new skin cells to the surface, and if an oil has been applied, our sebaceous glands will not need to work as hard to protect the exposed skin. 


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