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Get back what the sunshine stole

by timetospa January 22, 2014
Get back what the sunshine stole

The remnants of long summers in the sun or stints in a tanning bed can take the form of noticeable spots on the skin. This damage can also take other forms, such as deep wrinkles, premature dehydration and a loss elasticity. Although tanning culture still dominates much of the beauty scene, it's important that you take care of yourself as you seek to achieve these ideals. After all - your complexion matters, and there are other ways to get the look you're hoping for. 

Focus on what's beneath the skin
Sometimes, all you really need to do is stimulate healthy growth. Years of enjoying the sun's rays without using a strong enough SPF could have caused your skin's melanin to work overdrive, thus resulting in spots that don't seem to go away on their own. Although these are not overtly dangerous on their own, continued prolonged exposure to the sun without using some kind of protective cream or powder, such as the Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Brush Sunscreen, could result in serious skincare concerns later on. The threat of skin cancer, for instance, is the number one reason why men and women should be cautious when outdoors. 

Now that you know how to prevent these issues, it's time to start erasing the symptoms of sun damage with a few beauty products. As most aesthetic issues lie with the melanin beneath the surface of the skin, you should consider looking into products that are meant to resurface the skin. This process typically uses beta-hydroxy acids to help reinvigorate collagen production, forcing the skin to continue producing new skin cells to replace the ones that might be compromised by the UVA/UVB rays. The Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash is a good first step as it will help slough off the dead skin cells that are mucking up the surface of your complexion. 

Get back some lost hydration
Next, it's time to lock in hydration. The sun has a tendency to dry out even the oiliest complexions, and your skin needs these natural oils to thrive. Additionally, a majority of our cellular turnover happens while we're sleeping, so a beauty product like the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream is just what you need to get back some of the moisture you've lost. 


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