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Get to the root of your shaving woes

by timetospa January 24, 2014
Get to the root of your shaving woes

Guys, the cause of the little bumps and blemishes that come from shaving could be from the products you're using. Every shave gel, cream and paste has a different formula, and although you might be able to blend patterns like a pro, eat an array of foods with questionable health benefits and have an innate knowledge of every sports team in history, your skin is still susceptible to reactions from different ingredients.

If you notice, for instance, that you develop splotchy redness after you use a product high in alcohol or alpha-hydroxy acids, it could mean that you have sensitive skin. On the flip side, if you're shaving with something high in hydrating chemicals, you could be exacerbating a complexion that's already on the oily side of the spectrum. Whatever the case may be, it's time you started noticing how your skin reacts to certain conditions and then adjust accordingly.

Do yourself a favor and sample a few different products now and then if you're experiencing any of these issues. The Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel 200ml, for instance, contains witch hazel and English Oak for a smooth and soft experience. 


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