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Keep flakiness away with these tips

by timetospa January 24, 2014
Keep flakiness away with these tips

Flakiness, dryness and dullness can build up on the skin over time, leaving you feeling less radiant and more inclined to cover up. When no amount of hydrating lotions or natural exfoliants seems to work, it can feel like a lost cause, but don't give up hope - with a little ingenuity and diligence, you could be on the road to recovery in no time.

Depending on where the flakiness is located, you might need to try different techniques to achieve a desirable level of smoothness. Your feet, for instance, are constantly rubbing up against the insides of your shoes. With that constant friction, it's no wonder that over time, they begin developing calluses and irritation. Although your fancy shoes are important, try trading them out for flats for a nice change of pace.

If the flakiness is on your back in a hard-to-reach place, you might need a specialized tool to get the job done. The Elemis Spa At Home Body Brush will give you more range, allowing you to exfoliate every square inch of places that can be challenging to reach. Top it off with a moisturizer and you should be seeing results in a matter of days.


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