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Keep your manicure longer

by timetospa January 25, 2014
Keep your manicure longer

Manicures come and go, but they don't have to have such a short lifespan. If you're tired of shelling out money for a nail makeover only to have it chip after the first few days of wear, then there are a few tricks for you to try. 

First of all, it's important to understand that your nails, which primarily act as armor for the softer part of your fingers, are made of a different compound than your skin. This layer of proteins, called keratin, is very porous, allowing the skin beneath it to breathe easily. When that porous surface isn't as clean as we think they are, no amount of base coat or top coat will help that nail polish stay in place. Scrub your nails thoroughly before any kind of manicure happens!

Also, strive to use healthy products that nourish and condition this part of your body. Nails may feel strong, but if you add the wrong chemicals, the keratin can break down. Weaknesses here can let in bacteria. Try using the CND SolarSpeed Spray. Not only will it help along the drying process, but it will also condition your nails as it works.


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