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Get the best natural look without the hassle

by timetospa January 26, 2014
Get the best natural look without the hassle

There are lots of ways to achieve a simple, natural look, but few of them are as easy as they appear. When you see women whose complexions are completely clear, without a blemish or a mark to speak of, more often than not, they're wearing the right shade of makeup products that blur any imperfections. If their eyes are as clear and defined as they day they were born, it's also likely that they've spent a good amount of time and effort on their beauty routine to make look that way.

Regardless of the specific goal, here are a handful of simple tips you can use to master every no-makeup makeup style: 

  • Treat your lashes well. Lashes have the biological function of keeping foreign objects from falling into your eyes, but more than that, they're a natural highlight for your irises. Whether brown, black, blond or red, these little hair follicles have the power to make you look young and vibrant or old and tired, depending on how you care for them. Sparse-looking lashes, for instance, give the impression of age, whereas a full set keeps you looking youthful and alert. If you're blessed with long lashes, give them a quick curl in the morning with the Colorescience Professional Eyelash Curler and then coat them with the Colorescience Pro Mascara - Black. These two beauty products are all you need to stay looking your best. If you use no other technique, make sure this one is a priority.
  • Dust on a light layer of powder. You don't always need a thick coat of foundation to hide imperfections. Sometimes, all it takes to get through the day with a natural look is a light layer of pressed powder. Make sure you're selecting a shade that matches your skin tone accurately, however. Even if the powder is off by just a little, the disparity between your face and the rest of your body can be drastic. Try the Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation in your shade for a full coverage, lasting complexion that doesn't look like you're trying too hard. 

The best part of these products is that they're entirely portable. Once you've set the stage in the morning, it's easy to touch things up while you're on the go. 


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