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Give your Valentine the gift of beauty

by timetospa January 27, 2014
Give your Valentine the gift of beauty

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you might be hard at work trying to decide what to get your significant other in celebration of the holiday. Although chocolates and stuffed animals are always a safe bet, for men or for women, don't overlook the long-lasting possibilities of a refreshingly new skin care routine. Nothing says "I love you" more than the promise of a healthy glow and an absence of wrinkles, after all.

Get to the bottom of their skin care
Knowing how to buy beauty products for your loved ones can be tricky. Everyone's skin is different, and unless you're familiar with the products they use already, buying the wrong set could result in wasted money. With that in mind, try to pay attention to what they're saying about their skin. When you're looking for this kind of information, you'd be surprised just how often people talk about blemishes, wrinkles and general skin care concerns, such as rosacea or dryness. A few simple questions could help draw these details out of people. 

For instance, try asking your better half if his or her skin is feeling a little dried out from the weather or whether the heat has felt a little more intense than usual. If they say yes, this could be symptomatic of dryness brought on by artificial heating. Once the topic of skin care is out in the open, it wouldn't be too off the cuff to point out your own concerns - maybe you're worried about wrinkles or have a few recurring blemishes, for example, and you'd like to know how they're managing to fight them off. Whatever the answer might be, they'll have given you valuable information that you can use to find the perfect beauty products.

Shop for value
From there, it's just a matter of finding the best valued gift for the money. The Elemis Duchess of Spa set, for instance, contains four high-end luxury products that anyone could derive real, lasting results from. More than that, a gift like this could provide you with an excellent excuse to spend more time together as you both indulge in the potent aromatherapy shower cream and body oils, separately or together. For the men in your life, try the Elemis King of Skin. This set is perfect for guys on the go and comes with a black travel bag, making the whole set that much more masculine. 


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