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Bumps, bacteria and dull razors, oh my!

by timetospa January 28, 2014
Bumps, bacteria and dull razors, oh my!

When shaving is becoming more of a nuisance than normal for the men in your life, and results in bumps and blemishes that weren't there before the razor met skin, it might be time for them to adjust their approach to addressing facial hair needs. Men typically gloss over the delicate intricacies of skin care in favor of a quick splash of water and an efficient air dry, but there are things that they can do to avoid the negative side of their morning routines. 

It starts with the razor. If your guys are using the same throw-away razor for more than a couple of weeks, they're probably not cleaning the blades as well as they should be. Not only should they be sterilized frequently to kill any lingering bacteria that might be building up, the men in your life should heed the prescribed length of time each razor is intended to be used. For instance, if the package says to toss them after a certain period, it's might be because the company recognizes how small their shelf lives are. 

To get back what the razors stole, give your men the Elemis Post Shave Recovery Mask 75ml. It'll pull out any lingering bacteria that might have been left behind by razors used past their prime.


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